10 of the Top Coffee Bloggers

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All of these coffee bloggers know how to make a fabulous cup of coffee. When we say a fabulous cup of coffee, we mean a cup of coffee that exactly matches your taste. Coffee made exactly how you like it.

I want to provide some extra coffee related resources.

Read their pages to learn how to tips on compassionately sourcing coffee beans, how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and learn some tips on the best equipment.

All of these bloggers are ethical and are driven to help everyone from the farmers to the final consumer.

This list of 10 top coffee bloggers, is one of the finest group of coffee lovers there is.

These are all such passionate, dedicated coffee lovers; I used alphabetical order for the listing.

Sarah Allen is the editor and co-founder of Barista Magazine.

She has been in the forefront of the international barista movement since its beginning. Sarah loves to write compelling and thoughtful stories about coffee brewing. She has contributed articles to numerous magazines and newspapers. Barista is loaded with tons of information on different coffees and coffee happenings all over the world. Sarah even covers region such as Nepal.

Check out the articles comparing different kinds of coffee, write-ups about some coffee shops and reviews covering the latest coffee equipment.


Based in Australia, when you go to his website, he warmly greets you and welcomes you with a big smile. His passion is to help his readers enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee.

After working as a professional in the coffee world, he still loves coffee.

His favorite part of the day is when he gets up and savors that 1st cup of coffee.

His passion for coffee flavor and its consistency led him to start his own company to ensure everybody could enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

His company, Coffee Beans Delivered, shows his commitment to finding and delivering the absolute best coffee he can. He does not settle for good enough.

Check out his blog, you can learn something new.

Kevin is known all over the world as Coffee Kevin.

Here’s the offer of two popular books on coffee and has a DVD.

His nationally recognized is a coffee brewing expert.

His website, The Coffee Companion, is dedicated to the world’s finest coffee.

Today, The Coffee Companion is a powerhouse online authority site.

Kevin has talked about coffee on some of the biggest television shows. He has been featured in the USA TODAY and the Chicago Tribune.

Kevin is currently the host of Coffee Con, the largest consumer coffee festival in the world.

Coffee Con takes place in four cities in the USA.

For more information please go to Coffee Companion

Nick started his site over ten years ago, is a hobby. Loving coffee and writing for a living, starting a blog about coffee was a natural step.

The site, Coffee Detective, started gaining visitors and generated some income.

Nick calls it his “hobby with benefits.”

His site has enough visitors that almost every week, he receives coffee or coffee equipment to test and review.

He feels that he is blessed, that the Coffee Detective is influential with other coffee lovers.

Nick is looking forward to continuing on his coffee path.

For more information please go to Coffee Detective

Higher Grounds Trading is a real labor of love. In 2001, Chris was in Mexico living and working among the local coffee farmers.

As he came to know and love the people, he asked them what he could do to help. They told him you could sell our coffee.

Chris started trying to help the people by importing one bag of green coffee into the USA.

That was the start of a journey of love.

Higher Grounds Trading works with countries all over the world, adhering to fair trade standards that dictate a living wage for the farmers who grow coffee.

Higher Grounds Trading started a water project which helps brings fresh water to the area.

Higher Grounds Trading is dedicated to providing workers with access to basic healthcare.

Higher Grounds Trading helps to ensure that children can afford to go to school.

Please go to Higher Grounds Trading and check out all the inspiring things they do for the world of coffee and the world in general.

John is a coffee enthusiast husband and father of two. His goal is to help readers enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee. He loves the entire process from roasting, brewing and ultimately tasting his coffee.

His real love is brewing coffee manually. He feels brewing the coffee manually the experience a human element, you don’t have the mindless automation of just pushing a button.

His blog covers a wide variety of topics.

He tries to provide information that is useful for both the new coffee enthusiast and the extremely knowledgeable coffee connoisseur.

Clayton Pine and his sister Leslie started Pine Tea and Coffee in 1996.

Clayton with over 42 years of experience is a master tea buyer and taster.

Leslie has over 20 years of experience.

They are committed to high-quality tea blending and coffee roasting.

They love bringing you the best quality tea and coffee possible.

They are award-winning retail and wholesale suppliers of tea and coffee.

He now has specialty gourmet foods, accessories, and syrups.

Check out their site Pine Tea and Coffee

You’ll be glad you did.

Tim’s passion led him to own a coffee farm in Columbia.

On this farm, they make compost and use the compost as the only fertilizer.

This soil is tested on a regular basis, and any natural organism that’s needed for the coffee trees to thrive is added.

Tim is passionate about the work and the people.

The goals he focuses on: are to help others and be among the best coffee roasters espresso bars in the world.

You cannot go wrong by checking out his site Tim Wendelboe

You will be glad you did.

​From Poul’s passion for great coffee and a desire to build a great coffee community, Transcend Coffee was born.

Poul has built a thriving business and is an established world expert in coffee.

Poul has been invited to judge several international coffee competitions, including some coffee competitions held in foreign countries.

He has a highly popular Transcend Coffee podcast

Please check out Transcend Coffee

Matt grew up around the specialty coffee industry.​

Matt’s father, Bruce, was in the specialty coffee industry.

Matt has helped hundreds of small coffee shops along with large coffee businesses all over the world.

The experience Matt gained from helping hundreds of coffee shops and coffee businesses, give him the confidence to purchase a coffee roaster from a Swiss company.

Matt and his father Bruce used the opportunity created by buying a coffee roaster, to add a roasting and retail business in the same building with the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland, Oregon.

They have a program that allows baristas to travel to the coffee farms and see how important direct trade is and how it influences farmers lives.

For a great in-depth coffee experience, please go to Water Avenue Coffee

You will be glad you did

Here is an additional list of passionate coffee lovers.

Check out how they’re all making huge, positive impacts in their ways:

But First, Coffee – http://www.butfirstcoffeeblog.com/

Coffee Museum – http://www.coffeemuseum.com/

Coffee Scholars – http://coffeescholars.com/

Coffee Stylish – http://coffeestylish.com/

FRSHGRND – http://frshgrnd.com/

Honest Coffees – https://www.honestcoffees.com/

I Need Coffee – https://ineedcoffee.com/

Libra Coffee – http://www.libracoffee.com/

Mommee Coffee – https://mommeecoffee.com/

Perfect Daily Grind – http://www.perfectdailygrind.com/

The Coffee Compass – www.thecoffeecompass.com/

The Coffee Vine – http://thecoffeevine.com/

The Little Black Coffee Cup – https://www.thelittleblackcoffeecup.com/

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