About Frank

Frank Morrell

Coffee keeps the world going.

I have to have that morning pot of coffee to get my brain working.

When I was on the road a lot, I found it was really easy to hate motel coffee. The water was different, the coffee was cheap. The coffee was just plain terrible.

I learned if you want good coffee, brew your own.

There is nothing in the world like your favorite coffee, made your way.

In desperation, I ended up taking everything I needed to brew my own coffee.

One thing I have always wondered about, every time I see the doctor, the nurse always asks me, how much caffeine? Long silence, I know they’re not going to like the answer.

Don’t they know I live on coffee?

Several years ago I started having trouble sleeping. I had to cut down on my caffeine. That was a real bummer.

I compromised by brewing my regular coffee in the morning. Then I switched to decaf.

It was really hard to find a decaf I liked.

All my life I always drank regular caffeinated coffee. I thought that was the only coffee they made until I started having trouble sleeping.

I posted this video, how to make the perfect cup of the Vietnamese coffee.

It’s at: https://www.electricpercolatorcoffeepot.com/how-to-make-the-perfect-cup-of-vietnamese-coffee/

In the video, after they heat the water, it takes seven or eight minutes and more to make a cup of coffee and it’s a really dinky cup.

I’m used to making 10 to 12 cups at a time just for me.

When I told a friend of mine about how long it took to make a single cup of coffee, he said it’s much stronger.

That started me thinking, if I can drink fewer cups of coffee, and get enough caffeine to wake my brain up and get me moving, that is something I need to look into.

Most all of my life, I used a percolator and the same brand of coffee I grew up on.

After I started having trouble sleeping at night, I started looking at all the different types of coffee and coffee makers, I was shocked. I couldn’t keep track of how many different types of coffee and coffeemakers there were.

However, I live on coffee. Coffee is what gets my brain working in the morning. Coffee is what keeps me going.

I may have to drink decaf, but I wasn’t going to drink coffee I didn’t like.

One thing I have learned studying the different types of coffee and coffeemakers is, everybody is different.

But no matter how different our taste is, there is a brand, a type of coffee and coffee maker that’ll make the perfect cup of coffee for you.

After studying all the different types and brands of coffee. The different ways to make coffee. More coffee makers and types of coffee makers than you can count.

I started this web site.

I sincerely wish that you have already found the perfect coffee and coffee maker, and you’re enjoying it to the fullest.

May your cup always be full as you kick back and savor to the fullest, your perfect cup of coffee.