Awful Water – Great Coffee

When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is grab a cup of coffee. I live on coffee.

I used to be on the road a lot. Back then we didn’t have travel coffee makers like we do now. Wherever I was going, I always took my Bunn coffee maker. It wasn’t the most convenient thing, but great coffee is worth it.

I checked into the motel room somewhere back East, I forgot the name of the city I was in, but I will never ever forget that terrible, awful water.

When I got to the motel room, the first thing I did was set up my coffee maker. Then I got a glass of water.

That was the worst water I had ever drunk in my entire life. Bad was not the word.

I looked at my coffee maker and thought, I’ve ruined it!

It was already set up so it was too late to do anything about it.

The next morning when I got up, I thought well I have nothing to lose, I’ll make a pot of coffee.

Total shock. That was one of the best cups of coffee’s I had ever had.

Sitting overnight the chemicals and everything in the water had evaporated.

I don’t like what hotels serve for meals. I went out for breakfast at a little family restaurant near the hotel.

The coffee wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either, I asked them, do you use city water to make coffee with?

They told me no, they used bottled water to make coffee with. They said “it is a pain to deal with the bottles and everything, but we strictly use bottled water to make coffee with”.

When I got back to my motel room, I filled my thermos with coffee, packed up and hit the road.

Great coffee starts my day off right and keeps me going throughout the day.

We each have our own personal way of making coffee, the brand we use, the amount we use, the entire way we make coffee is specially tailored for us.

That’s great coffee. One of life’s real pleasures.

For more information please go to: Travel Coffee Makers

Life is a journey, not a destination. Drink plenty of great coffee and enjoy the trip.

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